Shock and Awe:

Donny Vomit

Seeing Donny Vomit is a real shock and awe experience. As a sideshow veteran of over 20 years, he has been surprising, shocking and delighting audiences with his flair and awe-inspiring bodily feats. Seeing one of his shows defies the imagination for many audience members.

Donny Vomit made his name as the host of the Coney Island Sideshow but has been on the sideshow circuit for over two decades. Donny Vomit has featured on "Ripley's Believe it or Not" and has even been seen in Times Square in NY. He has also been a regular performer at festivals and on television shows. Donny is also a significant part of the "Strange for Hire" show.

What to Expect at a Donny Vomit Show

Donny pushes the limits of how much the human body can handle. He can hammer nails into his head, swallow swords and manage to maintain a very distinctive style. His performance and looks continue to attract attention wherever he goes. His curly moustache even inspired the Coney Island Beard & Moustache Competition. Donny Vomit has his own beer also.

Donny Vomit is an appropriate name for the show as the audience often feels sick at the sights that he presents. However, this is all in the name of the show, which pushes the boundaries of emotional entertainment.

Seeing a Donny Vomit show in places like Atlantic City is often a noisy affair due to the fantastic things people see performers accomplish. His show is impressive and unforgettable but not for the faint-hearted.

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